Student and learning management system

Student success is a culmination of effort from teachers, parents and the students themselves

Facilitate your students' learning journey

Academic Management System (AMS)

Integrates traditional school management tools with a set of functions focused on student outcomes in a single platform.

Learning Alignment System (LAS)

A reimagined LMS which ensures that well-thought-out curriculum plans can be fully integrated into the learning process.

Curriculum Mapping

A unique and easy-to-use tool that helps teachers and key decision-makers in designing a rich curriculum for all students

Delivering real student outcomes

Providing students with the tools to take greater ownership of their learning experience

Content creation

Supporting K–12 practice unique to schools, create enriched content that can be delivered on any device with ease, while enabling social and reflective learning.

Reporting & feedback

By allowing students to reflect on feedback and results, students can take action to change their learning behaviour, positively impacting progress.

Student portals

With access to individual learning programs, upcoming tasks and tailored content, students are engaged and empowered within their own learning journey.

Learning analytics

Use data to understand how your school’s pedagogical framework is driving improvement in student outcomes, while gaining insights into your students’ personal learning journeys.

Empowering educators

Offering teachers and administrators a holistic view of student progress, all from a singular source

Curriculum planning

Use data to inform planning and compliance, while measuring the value-add of your school’s goals and approach to learning to drive systemic change.

School management

Ease administrative tasks through automated process, resulting in accurate data records, error-free processes and more time for other high-impact activity.

School calendar

View all information in one place, ensuring operation efficiencies and streamlined user experience, while also integrating with learning tasks, attendance and event workflows.

Student records

Leverage multiple data sets for a complete picture of student performance, while learning profiles allow teachers to adapt teaching styles for personalised learning.

Engaging student support networks

Be engaged in your child's learning journey through real-time information on your smart device

Community engagement

Through student, parent and teacher portals, facilitate the sharing of information between those who have the greatest impact on a student’s development.

Student welfare

Provide parents with a snap shot of their child's welfare and pastoral care, allowing parents to stay informed and to easily take action if required.

Markbook & reporting

Configurable templates and customised settings cater for different curricular, learning styles and audiences, increasing the likelihood of readership and further engagement.

Enrolment management

Create automated workflows that progress students through the various stages of the enrolment cycle, allowing more time for staff to spend with prospective parents.

There was nothing out of the box that would match our own teaching practices until we discovered Edumate. It gave us everything we wanted and is excellent as a web based platform

Chris Waterman
Head of ICT, Presbyterian Ladies College Sydney

Edumate facilitates the full continuum of your students' learning journey​