Edumate is Australia’s most advanced and complete software-as-a-service digital learning and education management system. We’ve been effectively transforming the way schools, families, and students, access, store and share information since 2002.

Over the years, our software has evolved into Australia’s most progressive and flexible education management solution, with hundreds of K-12 schools across Australia and overseas entrusting us with their administration, academic management, learning planning, and curriculum management.

Edumate bridges the gap between schools, families, and students offering unparalleled communication and connectivity. Our community-promoting platform is accessible at anytime from anywhere, providing real time information in a secure web-based environment.

The Edumate Difference

Our innovative approach to education management has elevated Edumate to a class above with the benefits it delivers to the whole-school environment. Our advanced suite of features puts student learning and wellbeing in the spotlight while acting as a powerfully functional school administration management tool.

Our flagship package, Edumate Enterprise, won’t just transform the way your school operates, it will change the way it communicates and what is communicated. Edumate empowers students to engage and self-manage, equipping them with skills to thrive for the lifespan of their school journey and beyond.

Our Technology

Edumate’s software is designed and developed specifically to streamline and enhance today’s K-12 environment. We understand the challenges schools, parents, and students face when it comes to the effective management, sharing, and storage of data and communications. We provide a network that supports and maintains healthy engagement, while considering every aspect of your school’s management requirements.

Our Team

Edumate’s success can be attributed not only to the strength of our product, but also to the strength of our people. We’ve built a robust team of multi-disciplined experts who share our passion for innovation, progression, and customer satisfaction, who embrace our principal vision of long term student wellbeing.

Our team represent a versatile mix of software developers, and long-term educational professionals – a winning combination that’s enabled us to cement Edumate’s reputation as the most advanced education management system available in today’s market.

Our Core Values

Edumate’s company philosophy is fueled by the ideal that our technology has the potential to contribute to the success of every student – whatever success looks like to them. This means a focus on the student as an individual, and recognising how their unique skills, abilities, socio-economic demographic, family dynamic, and medical history can shape their social and emotional wellbeing.

Our commitment to the holistic welfare of each and every student forms part of our mission statement, and is something we will never compromise on.

Our Client Care and Technical Support

We pride ourselves on our quality client care. From the moment of initial enquiry, through to migration to Edumate, and the years beyond … you can count on our support at every level.

Acting in a consultative capacity, we take the time to understand your school’s unique needs and requirements, recommending configurations to ensure you’re maximising Edumate’s features and benefits.

Our Implementation Team will work closely with you to ensure the smooth migration of your existing system to Edumate, backed by a comprehensive training program, and ongoing technical support from a responsive help desk.

Our tailored approach to service is underpinned by accountability and transparency, meaning you’re not only assured of first class delivery with no hidden costs, you’ll be kept abreast of progress at every stage with regular reports and updates.

Experience the Edumate difference for yourself. Call +61 (02) 8383 2700 to discuss your school’s unique requirements.