Our Story

When Edumate was launched in 2002, the founders’ vision was simple but clear: to provide an efficient digital platform that would seamlessly connect students, parents, and teachers throughout their K-12 journeys, and equip students with a legacy of organisational, time management, and communication skills they can carry into adulthood.

Today, Edumate is proudly positioned as Australia’s most advanced and flexible education management system. Edumate’s complex features and tri-fold communicative abilities have transformed the way hundreds of schools across Australia, India, and South-East Asia approach their administration, academic, curriculum planning, and records management.

The key to Edumate’s enduring success, however, goes beyond the benefits it delivers to school faculty and administration. Fueled by the overarching ideal that their technology could capably contribute to the success of every studentwhatever success looks like to them – Edumate is underpinned by a holistic bedrock that impacts on every aspect of their business model.

For students, this means a focus on them as an individual, and recognition of their unique skills, abilities, socio-economic demographic, family dynamic, medical history, and social and emotional wellbeing. For parents, the opportunity to access their child’s academic records, schedule, and school history is a welcome innovation; and the ability to communicate directly with the school though a secure online portal anywhere at anytime has been heralded as a transmissive game changer, adaptive to the fluid lifestyle of today’s working parents.

Edumate understands that school is more than just a place of learning; it’s a community. Their technology not only provides a network that supports and maintains healthy engagement, it specifically addresses the challenges schools, parents, and students face when it comes to the effective management, sharing, and storage of data and communications.

Edumate’s complete web-based solution to education management delivers multifaceted benefits to schools and families, including

  • Time management
  • Cost efficiency
  • Streamlined communications
  • Accountability
  • Increased productivity
  • Effective resource allocation
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Data Integrity

Edumate’s premier package, Edumate Enterprise, combines industry-leading technology with the latest pedagogical practices, regulations, and benchmarks. The result is a dynamic K-12 education management system configurable to accommodate unique school requirements. Edumate’s advanced suite of versatile features encompasses:

  • School Administration
  • Welfare & Pastoral Care Management
  • Enrolments Workflow
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Financial Administration

Edumate’s winning combination of passion, industry insight, and technical acumen is what sets them apart. Drawing on their team’s collective experience and expertise in both education and technology, Edumate are continually refining and improving their features and services. By inviting feedback from customers, and ensuring they remain abreast of the latest educational and technological trends, they continually deliver the most advanced product on the market, with the agility to adapt to an everchanging landscape.

With a dedicated team of professionals leading the revolution in K-12 communication, learning, and wellbeing, Edumate has cemented a reputation for excellence in education and holistic student management. With new schools migrating to Edumate every month, our team are determined to maintain their reputation through first class customer service and technical support … and by never losing sight of how they define their benchmark for success:  the success and wellbeing of every student though the lifespan of their education, and beyond.