Curriculum Mapping – Visions, Values…….. & Very Important

External Activities – How They Impact Our Students…

In last month’s excerpt of our four-part whitepaper series, we looked at the impact that activities, outside the classroom, had on student performance. Our research showed that student outcomes improve as their participation in sporting activities elevates (particularly in secondary school). We also found participation offered the ability for children to develop in non-academic ways, whilst complimenting their performance in class. Parents also stated that they preferred home parent tutoring over paid for private tutoring. Parents who stated this, commented that whilst they were reflecting with their children, they often needed better information from schools. This way they could make this time more valuable and impactful to their child’s development. In this edition, we look at curriculum mapping and its potential to round out students’ skills even further.

Curriculum Mapping & More Rounded Students

Curriculum mapping is often a practical method for a school’s executive team to help permeate curriculum initiatives into the classroom. This method integrates socials experiences into teaching programs and promotes team building skills. When asked about curriculum mapping, people tend to focus on cross-curricular integration (such as ICT skills) or in increasing the level of numeracy and literacy in other subjects. However a very important part of curriculum mapping is ensuring that non-academic school values and beliefs are addressed in the school’s curriculum.

In the fourth and final part of our whitepaper series, we take the time to look at:

  • What percentage of parents believe their school tailors its curriculum to their child?
  • How much information on the curriculum should we make available to parents?

What Can You Do?

If you’re interested in investigating ways that curriculum mapping could impact you at your school, please get in touch and let us demonstrate what we’ve done for schools in a similar position.