Edumate’s features have been refined and polished over the years to ensure schools and their communities continually reap the benefits of our complete education management system in an ever-changing landscape.

We’re continually assessing Edumate’s features and functionality to deliver immediate and lasting solutions to your administrative, learning, and curriculum challenges that align with The Department of Education and Training’s policies and parameters.

When your school migrates to Edumate Enterprise, you’ll have the following features at your fingertips:

Billing and Invoicing

A secure labour-saving way to electronically prepare and issue invoices, monitor and review funds online for school fees, student excursions, incursions, camps, events, and extra-curricular activities.

Curriculum Mapping

Effortlessly design a rich and engaging curriculum for your students including core, support and extension programs while ticking the compliance box for government funding.

Electronic Roll Marking

Attendance management made simple via a computer or tablet within the classroom.

Timetable Management

The paper-free time-effective solution to creating and maintaining complex academic schedules and unique timetables for each class and subject.

Enrolments Processing

Enter new student enrolments and easily review a student’s enrolment status, while building a robust student profile incorporating family information, medical and immunisation history,

Pastoral Care Alerts

Designed to help effectively communicate the personal, social, emotional, spiritual and academic needs of students automatically, to the staff members that you believe need to know.

Progressive Reporting

A new research-backed benchmark of innovation in semesterly reporting. Ensure your students engage with teacher feedback, with Edumate’s simple and flexible just-in-time reporting feature, with conditional release of student marks.

Room / Resource Booking

The inconvenience of double room bookings and incorrect resource allocation is a frustration of the past, with staff members able to book available resources directly from their diary.

Smartphone Application

eduAPP is our integrated application available to the entire parent community, making Edumate Enterprise accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world through any smartphone or digital device.

Student Tracking

Edumate’s advanced software and API integration takes student tracking, monitoring, and analysis to a new level of sophistication and dependability. Through longitudinal tracking, Edumate looks for anomalies in student performance and presents alerts to relevant staff.

Document / File Management

Uploading capabilities are available for students, parents, educators, and administrators resulting in a digital record of files, forms, homework, and documentation that can be archived and shared in accordance with user permissions.

Welfare Automation

An integral feature streamlining communication between parents and schools to ensure student welfare, and alert parents of any action that needs to be taken to safeguard their child’s safety, wellbeing, and ongoing development.

Classroom Blogs

A socially engaging feature designed to share news and class information, allowing parents to participate in what their child has been learning, and promoting a feeling of community and cohesion amongst students, carers, and teachers alike.

Staff / Room Replacements

The last-minute rush to find replacement educators or alternate classroom space is yesterday’s problem. Quickly assign lessons requiring cover to the appropriate educator, with all relevant resources and functions for that lesson, also being transferred automatically.

Calendar / Event Management

A flexible feature that capably creates and manages school-based events, while providing a calendar for users at every level with controlled viewing permissions.

Edumate’s robust suite of features are configurable to your school’s unique values and requirements. Talk to us about how to embed what matters most to your school within your documentation, branding, and mission with Edumate Enterprise.