Improving Student Performance – What Else Can Be Done?

Parent Coaching & Improving Student Performance

In the second part of our four-part whitepaper series, our research showed that where more coaching is performed by parents/guardians, the higher the grade average is. Whilst not conclusive, our data suggests that parents who provide feedback to their children, contributes to improving student performance. Interestingly, parents who took time to regularly coach and provide supporting activities, had an even more powerful positive effect.

When combined with national data obtained from ACARA (ACARA – our results suggest that those parents who are in lower income bracket groups are providing less support at home. We must engage these parents who are likely time poor, so they’re informed and can support their child.

Improving Student Performance in Other Ways

Parents and schools often discuss the benefits of extracurricular activities on a child’s education. People believe that children’s well-being consists of school success + social engagement, and extracurricular activities have been shown to provide these. Furthermore, it’s commonly suggested that extracurricular activities help to balance the activity of the mind and body. The belief is, this provides students with a better overall well-being both mentally and physically.

Secondly, with improved internet connectivity available around the world and access to digital devices at an all time high, parents often consider private tutoring as a mechanism to guarantee success.

In the third part of our whitepaper series, we take the time to look at:

  • What impact do these activities, outside the classroom, have on student outcomes?
  • How much do extra-curricular activities, home/private tutoring and physical & social environment factors affect those same outcomes?
  • What external factors support or detract from the improvement in their children’s performance?

What Can You Do?

If you’re interested in improving the frequency and amount of feedback that you provide to both students & parents at your school, please get in touch and let us demonstrate what we’ve done for schools in a similar position.