Preparing Your School Management System For Next Year

Dynamic entrepreneur, Debbie Fields, once famously said, “Good enough never is.” This growth mindset drove Fields to routinely assess and refine her business strategy to ensure she was operating at a level that matched her vision, resources, and company values. It also propelled her business from a single store to the international super-franchise, Mrs Field’s Cookies.

But what do cookies have to do with your school management system?

It all comes back to the goals and targets you’ve set for your school, and how you utilise the resources and technology available to not just achieve them, but to continually evaluate and identify how your school could exceed them. Edumate was specifically designed to enhance and advance complete school management but, like all resources, unless used to their full potential, they run the risk of remaining static.

Edumate director, Daniel Hill, has noticed a practice among some schools to leave their school management systems on cruise control once they have been configured and deployed. He encourages schools to overthrow this ‘set and forget’ approach, and take control of their greatest asset by scheduling a systematic routine audit of the way the whole school community engages with the software.

“Schools are continually pushing their students to do better, think outside the box, and strive for success, so why wouldn’t they have the same expectations for their technology?” Says Daniel. “While it’s fabulous we receive feedback Edumate is one of the best investments their school has ever made, I’d love to see more schools devote time to assessing how they can improve the way they use, share, and manage their data. Edumate has so much to offer staff, students, and families, and many schools simply don’t get around to tapping into its full capabilities.”

It’s our passionate approach to whole-school administration and empowering students to reach their full potential both academically and emotionally that defines the Edumate difference. We’re confident in the value of our product, but we still continually seek ways to improve and enhance our functionality, features, and services. It’s our responsibility to you…

We know you want peak performance from your school and students too, so we’ve put together our Top Tips For Preparing Your School Management system For Next Year:

  • Schedule an annual time to examine and evaluate how your school management system is responding to and delivering on your school’s needs, requirements, and goals … and commit to it.
  • Continuous improvement is underpinned by feedback. As part of your annual audit, actively seek out feedback from staff, students, and families. Consider what you have learned, and what you can do better.
  • Focus on what’s important to your school. Use your school’s mission and values as a benchmark, and reflect them back on administration management, reporting, student welfare, learning and curriculum management, and community engagement.
  • Fully acquaint yourself with the features and functions of Edumate. Investing a few hours into staff education will pay big dividends when it comes to saving time, money, and resources.
  • Treat your audit as a New Year’s Resolution. Resolutions are a promise or commitment made annually to improve, change, grow, or develop. By locking down a time at the start or close of each year, you’ll remain accountable and on target to start the new school year in optimal technological shape.

“One of the biggest challenges for schools is sometimes there’s a disconnect with what their software can do, and how a school is actively using it,” explains Daniel. “I’d love to see schools move beyond the status quo, and I invite our clients to get in touch if they need a recap of Edumate’s features, or if they have any questions about how to maximise them for their school.”

Preparing your school management system for next year is a positive action that will benefit the whole school community year after year, while embracing the adage “good enough never is.”