Edumate Support Centre

Whatever your requirement, we're here to help

There are many benefits to being an Edumate partner

Our talented and innovative team of both technical and industry experts are ready to help your school as and when you require it.

Technical support

Our friendly and helpful technical support staff provide ongoing assistance at no extra cost. We are available to help Monday to Friday 9am–5pm AEST.

Contact us on the support phone line on 1300 309 931 or log a ticket via the Client Helpdesk with any questions or issues.

Continuous development

Never worry that your school is not receiving the best of Edumate, with regular updates, new features and fixes, released and applied directly to your package.

Major feature releases are scheduled twice a year, ensuring that Edumate is consistently growing and maintaining its innovative approach to educational software.

System deployment

When you deploy Edumate at your school, you will be working with a knowledgeable and experienced team in the installation, data migration and configuration of the system.

Our robust implementation methodology considers your school’s specific needs to ensure the delivery of the features and functions provides the most value to your school.

Our best-practice guidance and staff training ensure a smooth transition to Edumate for your school — it’s all part of the package.

Ongoing training and consulting

Our trainers and consultants are available to assist in a range of capacities, from short refresher training to developing key staff members so that they become your school’s in-house experts

Periodic consulting also helps monitor your school’s progress in using Edumate and ensures your school is taking advantage of all its advanced features.

Our director, principal consultants and lead trainers are available to provide advice on issues such as strategic initiative and change management as these can improve the success of your school’s implementation.

Edumate community

Enjoy the added assistance of colleagues and other Edumate users across the country by being part of the Edumate community

You have access to best-practice events, user meetups and the online knowledge base and forums — allowing everyone to participate in the ongoing communication and knowledge sharing between customers and Edumate.

Client Helpdesk

Log a ticket via the Helpdesk with any questions or issues. Available to help 9am–5pm AEST from Monday to Friday.

Edumate facilitates the full continuum of your students' learning journey​