Curriculum Mapping

Design a rich and engaging curriculum for your students

The importance of a ‘designed’ curriculum

One key factor that underpins student success is a well-organised, aligned and measurable curriculum. This is where Edumate’s Curriculum Mapping tool comes into play.

With its unique and easy-to-use functionality, Edumate Curriculum Mapping assists teachers and key decision-makers in designing a rich curriculum that shapes students’ learning according to school goals and improves learners’ long-term success.

A curriculum is more than textbooks and summative results

Planning your school’s curriculum without the support of technology can be tedious.

Edumate’s Curriculum Mapping software makes assigning and tracking mandatory standards and school goals as easy as ticking boxes, allowing more time to bring curriculum to life.

A further challenge schools face is customising the curriculum for different learners. All students deserve the same opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Edumate’s Curriculum Mapping tool allows teachers to provide core, support and extension programs that ensure a quality experience for all students.

A curriculum is much richer than simply learning via textbooks and collecting summative results.

Benefits of Edumate Curriculum Planning

Meeting mandatory requirements

All mandated curriculum standards are embedded in Edumate. This means that identifying which standards are addressed in a specific unit is as simple as choosing items from a list.

As a shared online space, compliance is a shared professional responsibility among teachers, faculty heads and school leaders.

Furthermore, with teachers continually providing evaluative comments on each unit, Edumate becomes an up-to-date ‘living curriculum’ and a data-rich reference point for educators and decision-makers.

Creating a guaranteed and viable curriculum

A ‘guaranteed and viable curriculum’ is the foundation on which schools build their academic goals.

Through a cascading set of school-designed templates that prompt teachers to create and share unit plans, Edumate helps to ensure that every student is guaranteed the opportunity to engage with the same quality learning goals.

By letting teachers prioritise required standards — packaged into units and sequenced into the school calendar — they can reach learning goals more easily in the available time.

Mapping for gaps and redundancies

Edumate’s Curriculum Mapping tool helps to eliminate the gaps and redundancies that are inevitable in any school’s curriculum.

This process not only achieves a guaranteed and viable curriculum, but often uncovers ‘free time’ that allows teachers to target student mastery of specific knowledge, skills and learning outcomes.

Embedding what’s most valuable in every unit

Linking your school’s vision to daily classroom practices can be a challenge, but one that Edumate takes seriously.

The Curriculum Mapping tool embeds school-wide initiatives directly into each unit plan.

As a springboard or inspiration, more than 20 best-practice strategies are pre-loaded into Edumate, which schools can choose to use or modify.

This means that schools can build their core values into classroom activities and track these value-added initiatives in curriculum reports.

Aligned online learning activities

Well-designed units don’t always transfer to what’s delivered as online learning.

Edumate directly links curriculum planning and development with the online learning space — allowing the whole community to see that what’s occurring in any classroom on a given day is, in fact, the direct result of implementing the mandated curriculum and school-wide goals.

Furthermore, when students are aware of units’ learning intentions, they can take greater ownership of their learning and manage many more of their tasks.

Traceable assessment results

Many fear student performance tests like NAPLAN, but Edumate can transform these tests into powerful tools to improve learning.

By linking test criteria to specific units, teachers and school leaders can use results and noted areas for improvement to pinpoint where in the curriculum that criterion was addressed, and then modify units and lessons to remediate current students and simultaneously improve learning for future cohorts.

Closing the loop between school vision and student performance

Edumate is all about facilitating continuous improvement.

This ‘closed-loop’ system creates a clear connection between all aspects of the curriculum: school goals, unit designs, classroom activities and student performance.

Integrating these within one system leads to ongoing improvement in classroom practices and helps busy schools to focus on what actually needs their attention: helping all students achieve their very best.

Looking for more?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your school’s curriculum could drive learning?

Edumate’s Learning Alignment System, containing Edumate’s robust curriculum development tool, can help you achieve just that.

Edumate facilitates the full continuum of your students' learning journey​