Why Edumate

Why do thousands of schools, parents, and students log in to Edumate every day?

The reasons are as varied as our users!

For Schools

Edumate not only operates as a school management system providing the backbone of the entire administrative, learning, and management landscape, it acts as a powerful custodian of data, and facilitates a holistically-sound measure of student progress, wellbeing, and success. Edumate delivers whole-school benefits: It’s intelligent and responsive features reduce costs, streamline operations, improve productivity, and free up resources meaning more time can be allocated to the areas that really matter: the professional development of teachers, and supporting students to realise their full potential.

For Parents and Carers

Edumate provides an immediate and flexible channel of communication direct to their school or student’s teacher. Edumate’s secure portal acts a virtual window for parents to view their child’s progress, performance monitoring, class schedule, and report history. Parents can depend on Edumate to understand and cater for the different lifestyle factors, family dynamics, and work commitments that shape the experience of today’s student, and be confident of a user-friendly platform accessible twenty-four hours a day from their smart phone or digital device.

For Students

Edumate is the educational companion they can rely on to help navigate their school journey from kindergarten through to year twelve. Edumate encourages students to take a proactive role in their schooling with a range of features and functionality designed to support and nurture them, while recognising their unique abilities and challenges. Students who use Edumate develop lifelong skills that will serve them well beyond the classroom, including: time management, accountability, organisation, self-management, communication skills, and social engagement.

How do we quantify how Edumate Enterprise adds value to K-12 schools and students Australia-wide?

By looking at the core pillars that historically benefit our clients the most, and their enduring impact on positive student outcomes and successful school management.