Edumate Enterprise

We recognise that just as no two students are alike, no two schools are either. Edumate’s premier package, Edumate Enterprise, has the versatility to adapt to your unique school environment, delivering a range of features and functions that have enhanced – and advanced – hundreds of K-12 schools across Australia and overseas.

Edumate Enterprise is Australia’s premium education management system. Our software has been developed and refined in consultation with leading educators and long-term industry professionals to meet the everyday challenges faced by today’s school communities.

Edumate Enterprise’s capabilities focus on the core modules that shape the success of every school and student.

  • School Administration
  • Student Management
  • Enrolments Workflow
  • Financial Administration
  • Welfare & Pastoral Care Management
  • Curriculum Mapping

Edumate Enterprise:

  • Improves education management efficiency at every level
  • Ensures integrity and security of data
  • Streamlines whole-school communication
  • Integrates curriculum into the learning process
  • Minimise administrative tasks
  • Engages parents in their child’s learning journey
  • Provides real time information through smart devices
  • Promotes student success and wellbeing
  • Facilitates a sense of community between schools, families, and students

Edumate Enterprise’s complete software-as-a-service school management system is an affordable and cost-effective way to elevate your school to a new era of success.

Are you ready to revolutionise your school’s education management?
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