Student Wellbeing

Our approach to student profiling is designed to help schools build and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment, essential to student wellbeing.

Edumate’s in-depth record of each student’s academic results, medical records, learning history, family data, special needs, attendance, and extra-curricular activity, allows schools ‘at a glance’ information to ensure the guiding principles of the National Safe Schools Framework are being met for every child.

Edumate’s unique ability to capture and link complex family relationships and dynamics, safeguards students’ welfare and security for the duration of their school journey.

Our watertight process for recording student attendance and tracking is second to none, with API integration allowing students to scan in and out supported by a unique verification code.

Edumate’s vision is for a holistic, student-centred approach to K-12 school-wide management. Our versatile suite of features has been handpicked to support this vision.