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Australia’s most advanced K-12 school management system

Edumate is Australia’s most respected provider of K-12 education management software. Our innovative solution to whole-school administration has reinvented the way hundreds of schools access and share information with faculty, students, and their families.

Our reputation for excellence extends beyond our product and service though. We define our success by the success of your school. That’s why we’ve been putting students at the heart of our technology since 2002.

The educational software bridging the gap between schools, parents and students. 

Giving schools the tools to thrive

Giving schools the tools to thrive, and bring their school community together

We understand that going to school is more than just attending classes. Edumate allows your school to not just communicate with your school community, but build meaningful relationships with them.

Student success is more than just academic achievement

Student success is more than just academic achievement

We recognise that student achievement is more than just marks or grades on a report card. Edumate’s unique database structure allows you to record, monitor and improve overall student growth, with welfare, social and emotional data recorded for their entire relationship with your school.

We’re building valuable relationships

We’re building valuable relationships with schools & their stakeholders

Built up with teachers, parents and technology professionals, our team inherently appreciate the difficulties that schools face. We work closely with all of our schools, to make sure that together, we continue to innovate and adapt to the ever-evolving challenges we both face.

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Want to learn more about Edumate?

Want to learn more about Edumate?

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3rd December 2018

School Reporting: The End Of Semesterly Report Reporting

While semesterly reporting is intended to provide a detailed overview of a student’s progress, and how their school is supporting their development against the Australian Curriculum, recent studies clearly indicate that the current requirements and delivery of end of semester reports no longer aligns with students’ best academic interests.

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14th November 2018

Preparing Your School Management System For Next Year

We know you want peak performance from your school and students too, so we’ve put together our 'Top Tips For Preparing Your School Management system For Next Year'.

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1st November 2018

Student Feedback, Coaching & Improvement - What Can Parents Do?

Parents told us they need regular feedback in order to provide effective support. In this document we investigate: What Method Is Best?

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