Core Edumate modules

A flexible modular approach to school administration

Presenting the most complete education solution yet developed.

Edumate is purposely configured to advance students through the learning life-cycle across a fully integrated administration, curriculum and lesson planning system.

It is the most complete student and learning management system ever devised, one that uniquely integrates three modular solutions:

Academic Management System (AMS)

Integrates traditional school management tools with a set of functions focused on student outcomes in a single platform.

  • Financial administration
  • Enrolment management
  • Alumni & Foundation services
  • Reporting
  • Portals
  • Student learning profiles
  • Learning analytics
  • Calendar & Diary
  • Daily organisation
  • Attendance & pastoral
  • Welfare & behaviour

Learning Alignment System (LAS)

A reimagined LMS which ensures that well-thought-out curriculum plans can be fully integrated into the learning process.

  • Drag & Drop content creation
  • Aligned with curriculum
  • Journals & ePortfolios
  • Collaborative learning spaces
  • Calendar & diary integration
  • Integrated glossary
  • Tracking & mapping
  • Integrated Markbook & reports

Curriculum Mapping

A unique and easy-to-use tool that helps teachers and key decision-makers in designing a rich curriculum

  • Modifiable templates
  • Scope & Sequence tool
  • Pre-loaded curriculum
  • Visual representation of unit elements
  • Longitudinal tracking & analytics
  • Holistic student profiling
  • Push notifications

In an era regarded as the most transformative phase seen in education, Edumate helps both students and teachers maximise learning outcomes.

What school administrators have to say

There was nothing out of the box that would match our own teaching practices until we discovered Edumate. It gave us everything we wanted and is excellent as a web based platform

Chris Waterman
Head of ICT, Presbyterian Ladies College Sydney

Edumate facilitates the full continuum of your students' learning journey​