Learning Alignment System

A revolutionary digital reboot of a traditional LMS 

An innovative new approach to learning

Edumate’s brand new Learning Alignment System (LAS), designed in consultation with schools, is an Australian first and ensures that your well-thought-out curriculum plan is integrated into the learning process.

This update on the traditional learning management system makes it easy for teachers to create engaging content linked explicitly to curriculum initiatives, while also providing much-needed transparency for school leaders.

A flexible solution grounded in research, designed to drive pedagogy forward

Designed specifically for a K–12 environment and based on research and best practice, Edumate LAS supports the core needs of all students and teachers without needless clutter, promoting strong levels of user adoption and effectiveness.

Edumate LAS aims to enhance pedagogy and provide a platform for content, social engagement, reflection and revision.

Bring your students one step closer to success by creating the right learning environment for them

Learning Alignment System features

Curriculum planning

The interface allows for the delivery of multiple curricula within a school. Integrated with Edumate Curriculum Mapping, teachers and school leaders can organise subjects and units, while incorporating the school strategic values into all teaching programs.

Content creation

Drag-and-drop functionality helps teachers to create easy and smart content that can be delivered on any device with ease. LAS offers teachers the platform to collaborate across subjects or individualised learning spaces for a tailored teaching–learning experience.

Calendar and learning integration

Integrated timetables and calendars ensure the seamless flow of activities into diaries and portals. The interface also directly links data and records to markbook and reporting functions, making learning evidence available continuously through progressive release or via traditional formal reports.

Research-based core features

Edumate LAS supports the use of journals and social spaces to encourage collaborative learning and reflection, which, when integrated with student and parent portals, allow for continuous feedback and mastery learning.

The glossary feature helps students to build conceptual knowledge as part of the active learning cycle, while the ‘emotive response’ system collates student feedback to resources and activities in order to improve the curriculum.

Tracking and mapping

Edumate LAS has been designed to facilitate the tracking of learning approaches back to teaching programs and curriculum initiatives. This allows teachers and learning leaders to identify how objectives have been targeted and to demonstrate a comprehensive delivery of curriculum and school strategy.

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