Edumate Learn

A cloud-based digital teaching and learning solution for academically minded schools

Helping curriculum to drive K–12 learning

Imagine harnessing the power of learning analytics, longitudinal tracking and big data alongside progressive and formal reporting, advanced profiling and student welfare functions.

Now imagine if this same system could also manage your attendance, communication and diaries, while also being your K–12 learning delivery space.

Connecting planning, delivery and feedback in a complete learning solution

Edumate Learn is much more than a typical learning management system. It is specifically engineered to allow the realisation of your academic and pastoral goals without dictating operational processes.

Designed to be the only destination needed for teaching staff, Edumate Learn is an interactive learning space for students, and an engaging, academically focused parent hub — all within an elegant and easy-to-use cloud-hosted platform.

Edumate Learn is a fully integrated education solution that delivers upon the amazing promise of the digital age

Edumate Learn features

Learning profiles and tracking

Teachers and school leaders can make sense of data with insights taken from the automatic longitudinal tracking of students’ academic performance across the school lifecycle — able to be filtered by cohort, year level and teacher.

Continuous reporting and feedback

Stakeholders can now stay informed and involved with the seamless flow of reports and feedback across multiple portals, underpinned by a research-based feedback model. The interface also allows for flexible, template-based formal reporting so schools can develop their own report styles.

Fully integrated markbook

Teachers no longer need to duplicate efforts to update results across the board. Supporting a wide array of results, including marks, grades and criterion, Markbook also integrates with school calendars, diaries and portals, allowing data to seamlessly flow into reports through one entry point.

Student welfare and behaviour management

Edumate Learn stores the full record of awards and discipline issues over each student’s school years. A system of customisable alerts push notifications to teachers, highlighting concerns and sharing vital information as needed.

Calendars and daily organisation

Teachers and students can plan ahead of time with visibility of completed and upcoming tasks. Teachers can manage attendance, welfare, lesson plans and the learning delivery space, as well as managing permission and excursion approvals online, to help create efficiency.

Engagement with portals

Teachers can collaborate with students to set goals and reflections across various templates, while parents have access to absence verification, permission requests, academic results and welfare events, creating complete integration between teachers, students and parents.

Edumate Learn modules

For those situations where a full administration system change is not required, Edumate Learn is a unique yet powerful combination of all Edumate modules, designed to work alongside your existing system to create the premium learning delivery solution your school needs.

Academic Management System (AMS)

Integrates traditional school management tools with a set of functions focused on student outcomes in a single platform

Curriculum Mapping

A unique and easy-to-use tool that helps teachers and key decision-makers in designing a rich curriculum

Learning Alignment System (LAS)

A reimagined LMS which ensures that well-thought-out curriculum plans can be fully integrated into the learning process

Manage your school administration and drive curriculum planning and execution at the same time