Who benefits from Edumate

Supporting the ecosystem of student success

Different outcomes for different stakeholders

Edumate caters to the multiple stakeholders essential to student success, providing excellent outcomes for each group.

School leaders

Edumate allows school leaders to incorporate their school’s vision into every level of the curriculum and can determine those that target the goals and those that need adjustment.

Edumate’s rich data helps school leaders to easily access information from an administrative standpoint, as well as teachers’ performance, student progress and parent engagement

  • Improve student success and transformational learning
  • Measure the value-add of your school, informing policy and future decision-making
  • Easily trace strategic intent and pedagogical frameworks through to curriculum
  • Encourage a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration between teachers


Free up valuable human resources and ensure efficient operations with a personal touch where it matters most. Edumate allows administrators to run the school through a single source of truth with multi-tiered calendar views, self-serve functions and automated workflows for managing enrolments, attendance, welfare and finance.

  • Ease the pain of labour-intensive tasks and improve efficiently at every level
  • Reduce human error and communication breakdowns
  • Alleviate duplication and repetitive tasks through in-built automation and workflow
  • Ensure high levels of adoption through easy-to-use and integrated modules


With Edumate’s curriculum management in place, teachers have a better view of what has been covered, including the mandated curriculum and school goals, and what still needs to be addressed.

Reporting and tracking is enhanced by the single database, providing real-time input on student learning through push notifications and alerts. Teachers can also access student and parent feedback, as well as student and carer records from their own dashboard.

  • Share and capture important information instantly with peers and other stakeholders
  • Ensure a well-planned curriculum is integrated seamlessly into the learning process
  • Minimise administrative tasks and increase capacity to focus on higher-impact activities
  • Bring families into the learning loop easily and securely with minimal additional effort


Parents will feel more engaged and informed with Edumate. With their own parent portal, information is tailored to what they want to know about their child’s wellbeing, actions and learning progress.

They can have visibility of their child’s assignments, performance and activities so the learning journey can continue at home. The parent portal also streamlines and simplifies administrative tasks such as approving and paying for excursions, managing fees and monitoring attendance

  • Encourage active participation in the student learning journey
  • Enable identification and monitoring of learning potential, progress and problem areas
  • Provide access to meaningful, real-time information through smart devices


Students are more empowered to take ownership of their learning with Edumate. They can plan ahead, with upcoming lessons and tasks clearly posted on their own dashboard.

Furthermore, the goals and success criteria for each curriculum unit can inform all activities in the integrated online learning space.

Students then have the opportunity to reflect and give feedback on the content and work assigned, revealing understanding and owning their personal improvement.

  • Encourage a sense of involvement and welcomed participation
  • Provide a big picture overview, as well as feedback on performance and progression
  • Showcase work and extra curriculum success

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